1 in 4 Americans over 65 will fall each year

This results in 2.8 million injuries
and over 27,000 deaths

Memory care residents
fall 4x per year*

& up to 90% of falls are

*Van Doorn C, Gruber-Baldini AL, Zimmerman S, et al;
Epidemiology of Dementia in Nursing Homes Research Group.

Our Mission

is to help safely build up the confidence of seniors to live independently by monitoring gait patterns and identifying any abnormalities.

What do we do?

-Identify & monitor seniors who may be at a higher risk of falling
-Monitor your walking patterns in order to identify any changes or abnormalities that may lead to a fall
-Combine 6 different factors which have all been researched in association with falls in order to develop a unique risk profile for each individual

How does it work?

1. Download the app onto your smartwatch or smartphone
2. Fill out the required information
3. The app will monitor your movement and gait patterns in the background and will alert you of any important changes to your risk

Want to learn more?

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